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Online Dating Vocabulary: What You Need to Know When You Are On Random Chat

Online dating has brought about a change in the way people interact, and webcam chat has been a life transforming experience for many.

The fresh lingo is the new way to chat online and involves terms that we may otherwise be unfamiliar with. Let us take a look at some of the most commonly used catchphrases for online dating.

BAE - Bae is essentially a short form for babe and may be used to refer to the significant other. But they can be used to refer to just about anything. When at a stranger chat, you could type in stuff such as cats are bae.

Bot - Bot is a fake account made for a real person, with a classy profile picture.

Catfishing - The user takes up a false identity for a reason that others may not know. He may interact only online, and never in person to the friends has he met at webcam chat rooms. This helps him maintain his façade.

Deep like - Deep like is going through a friend’s social profile and liking their very old photographs. So, one comes to know that you spent time researching them.

DTR - DTR in video chat refers to define that relationship. It gives a couple of chatters the opportunity to label their relationship.

Hatfishing - Hatfishing is when an online chatter does not like his hairstyle, and wears a hat in all his profile images.

IRL - IRL refers to in real life. It is a signal to meet chatter in real life. One could say, let’s go meet IRL.

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